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Jamit Job Board - Who is it For ?

1. For Niche Job Boards

Jamit Software originally created the Jamit Job Board out of the need to power it's own Niche job boards. A niche job board is a job classifieds website that targets a specific job sector / market / location. In today's evermore competing job board market, it can be proven that a Niece Job Board can maintain user loyalty, and if successful, can be quite lucrative.

2. Webmasters with Existing Websites

Webmasters can increase returning visitors to their website by providing a job board service. The Jamit Job Board can be setup to blend in with an existing website within hours. We offer free installation if required, and you can easily customize the rest at any time, via a powerful web-based interface.

3. Rising Job Boards

Got a great domain name or are you highly committed into launching the next big thing? Our software is a smart, cost effective way to enter the job board market arena and compete with the biggest players on the internet. Webmasters can use our software to power Job Board websites, similar to Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com. Jamit Job Board is a good choice for start-up Job Board websites, or websites who want to replace their existing job posting system with something that has the features offered by the biggest players. The Jamit Job board allows your tech team to get a head start with good quality design & code, without sinking too much money into initial development when starting a risky project from scratch. The job board has been specially designed for niche / growing websites, and once your website has grown to full capacity, you may expand your tech team and tailor our software to whatever are your business needs. The process of launching a new website requires you to forge new business partnerships and focus on promotion, and the last thing you want worry about is if your software / technology base will work right! (Probably the big job boards will fear us if they read this!)

4. Job Board Networks

If you are running a job board network, and want a consistent, cost effective way to consolidate your websites, please contact us with your requirements. If you plan to use the job board on more than one of your websites, we could be interested in providing you with our technology, and a solution to help you manage them all...

To get an outline of the features supported by Jamit Job Board, please see About Jamit Job Board page.

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