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Support Policy


Free & Unlimited Updates

All license holders are entitled to free updates which can be downloaded from our customer's area. The upgrade instructions are included inside each release (UPGRADE.txt).

Technical Support

There are several ways to receive technical support

  • Ticket Support System - Technical support, provided by our support engineers (using credits)
  • Article Knowledge Base - A searchable library of the most common problems and their solutions, integrated with our ticket support system (free)
  • User Forum - User to user support (free)
  • Self Help - Our documentation is open to anyone, free of charge.

Credits for Technical Support

Your first Jamit Job Board purchase will set your account with 10 credits (If you have purchased a license for $199).

You can spend your credits on our ticket support system, where you can receive technical support directly from our support engineers.

Each purchase of an additional license will add additional credits towards your account. You can also top-up your credits at any time. Credits are non-transferable and non-refundable. Credits are capped to 100 maximum per account.

In summary:

  • +10 credits - first purchase of the Jamit Job Board
  • +5 credits - additional purchase
  • To top-up your credits at any time, visit the Customer's Area
  • Spend your credits on our ticket support system
  • Spend your credits on other extras (see below)

Submitting a Support Ticket

When submitting a ticket, please specify which category you would classify your ticket. Our support staff will read your ticket and judge the category. They will ask for your confirmation if the ticket needs to be escalated to a higher category than 3, otherwise your ticket will be answered (and could be elevated) without further confirmation.

To expediate your ticket, please ensure that each ticket relates to a single topic or problem. If you have more than one unreleated problem, please submit it as a different ticket.

Our engineers can answer tickets that are within the scope, (please see the 'Scope of our Technical Support' section below). The scope of the ticket support includes technical support for our software, however our engineers do not support any other software, website or service, and they can only support your code changes to a limited degree. Please see the 'Scope' section on this page for more details.

We will not deduct your credit points for any ticket we cannot answer.

Ticket Categories

 Category   Credits   Description 
Bug reports, feedback, feature requests, non-support type enquiries. No credits will be deducted for tickets in this category. Also, developers can submit a request for new hooks for their plugins, or submit their changes to the code.
Consultation & Advice, Basic Requests. Questions about how to use the software, but they are not about a specific problem. Your question can be answered by pointing you in the right direction & does not require further analysis or more complicated actions. Basic requests include license changes and transfer of accounts.
Configuration problems which requires us to log in to your Admin or hosting account to check your settings. Problems which require us to give you specific instructions for how to resolve.

Advanced Setup and Customization. If you want us to do the installation, or if you have problems which require our engineers to make changes to your settings in hosting account control panel or use FTP to access the files on your site. Includes installation of plugins and themes. If you are a developer and you have specific questions and / or is looking for guidance about PHP code changes, templates or plugin development. This category also includes support for any feature in the Admin->Extras section.


Developer Aid. If you have an advanced problem which requires our engineers to analyze your source code and / or make basic changes to your PHP / JavaScript files, which would take about 1 hour to solve. Includes change of CSS styles, or a change of logo, or basic change to a PHP file, or placement of ads, or anything which should take under about 1 hour to solve. Important: This category has a low priority, any tickets submitted to this category may take longer than normal to answer. In any cause, the support engineers will not deduct any credits for tickets that they can't answer. Not currently offered until further notice. We recommend our Solution Partners

Technical Support: Extras

Credits Description
Add a new domain
You can purchase a new Jamit Job Board license for 10 support credits. To purchase using your credits, please issue a new support ticket with all your details.

Scope of our Technical Support

Our technical support includes

  • Help with installation and configuration, advice for using our software
  • Problems with the functionality, provided that they are not as a result of your code changes or issues with your hosting company
  • Basic guidance for customization
  • Any topic mentioned in the 'Ticket Categories' section above.

Our technical support excludes

  • New feature development / feature removal. (We welcome your feedback if you have such request, but we cannot perform each one)
  • Support of your hosting account, any programs installed on your computer or any other products or services that are not offered by us.
  • Teaching or training PHP, HTML or other technologies, besides to what is offered on our documentation section.
  • Plugins or themes not developed by us.
  • Problems with your SMTP server, web server, MySQL, network or any other server or hardware.


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