Jamit Job Board

MySQL & PHP Required


Jamit Job Board - Requirements.

Requirements for the Jamit Job Board:

  • Web hosting account, running on a Windows or Unix based server. (If you need a hosting service, please see the hosting services that we recommend)
  • PHP 5.2 or higher, including PHP 5.3. (Your PHP installation should have the GD Graphics library enabled for thumbnail image creation - most host have this enabled. Also the cURL extension with OpenSSL is needed for Google Checkout)
  • MySQL 5 Database server
  • Recommended: Cron Jobs (or access to a 'Cron job' tool, a tool that allows you to schedule the running of programs chronologically). A Cron emulation feature is included if your host does not have Cron Jobs.

The installation of the job board requires at least basic knowledge of web hosting and basic webmaster skills.

If you are planning to hire a technician to help you with our software: To get full advantage of our software, it is recommended that your technician has at least the following skills:

  • Ability to setup and manage web hosting accounts, email accounts, MySQL server accounts and manage file permissions.
  • Ability to install php scripts, and ability to make basic modifications to php files.
  • Excellent understanding of HTML and related web technologies including JavaScript and DHTML.
  • Good communication skills, to be able to communicate with our support in a professional and friendly manner.

Please see our 'Solution Partners' Page for companies who can provide extra services for implementing your job board website.

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