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Web sites managed by us

We eat our dog food too! This means that Jamit Software uses the software that it produces. This ensures that we are familiar with our product, that we have direct experience with using our product, that we have confidence in our product, and finally, that we are able to test the product in a live environment before it is released to the public. Here are just some of the web sites that we manage:

  • HiWages.com.au - Australia's Part-time and Casual Jobs.
  • HiTeacher.com - For English teaching jobs in Korea. (Highly established job site in its market)
  • CathayTeacher.com - For English teaching jobs in China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Jobba.net - Jobs for Japanese Bilinguals Overseas.
  • HanList.com - Jobs for Korean-English bilinguals.
  • PharmBoard.com/jobs/ - Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs, Information and discussion board.
  • AirTalents.com - Radio Jobs (Highly customized plugins and theme)

Web sites managed by some of our clients

An important aspect of the Jamit Job Board is it's flexibility and ability to blend in to any market or niche, no matter what location or market it serves. From Australia to Zimbabwe... from Automotive Jobs to Zoologist Jobs... Simply use the Admin panel to modify the settings to your area / market and you will have a job board that fits your niche like a glove. The look and feel of the job board can be easily controlled to blend in with your with a few edits to the HTML code and CSS files.

Please note: All links on this page are linking to live job board sites. Therefore, we ask our visitors to be courteous to their webmasters and not register any test accounts or send unsolicited inquiries. If you are looking for a full demo, then it is available here http://www.jamit.com.au/jobs/ - you are welcome to do anything there.

Here are some of our client's job boards:

Want your web site to this list? Please send an email with your request.

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