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Welcome! Jamit Software is selling our inventory in order to fund our open source project.

The sites for sale on this page are fully developed and established. If you are buying a website then you will be purchasing much more than a domain - you will also be purchasing traffic, content, design, and things which take time to acquire including search engine rankings, back-links and loyal users, ready to go.

Steps for purchasing a website:

1. Buyer inspects the site and submits a confidential bid to [email protected]
The bid can be accepted or rejected. If rejected, the buyer can make a counter-offer. The asking price will be honoured at any time, whoever bids it first.

2. Agree on a price. Seller issues an invoice / bill of sale.

3. Complete the transaction. For peace of mind when dealing with larger transactions, an escrow service can be used.

4. Domain name transfer & website transfer. If escrow is used, the transaction completes after the domain transfer has been verified.


Website Industry / Niche Notes Impressions  / mo* Asking Price** Bids


SAP professionals

One of the world's most valued job markets

1,000 $1,500 0



Australia's Part-time, Casual and Temp Job Seeker's website.

1500 $4,500 SOLD



Japanese language jobs.

4000 $7,500 0


English teaching abroad (Korea)

Popular job board in a niche market established 2004. Monetized. All posts are paid (~$10 standard / ~$20 premium)

15,000 $16,000 0



Mostly a matured domain, ready to develop. Targeting keywords from search engines

10 $150 0


English Teaching

Lots of potential, unpromoted.

42 $350 0


English teaching abroad (China)

Popular job board in a niche market established 2004. Lots of job postings. Currently unmonetized

17,000 $3,500 1


Entry level

Established 1999, strong search engine rankings

28,000 $14,500 SOLD


Radio Jobs

Memorable name. Currently 100% free. Includes 400+ member group on Facebook.

400 $7000 0


Job search engine

Only 4 letters, registered since 2001

1000 $3000 3


Entry level / youth

Established 2000, easy name to remember

120 $300



Finance - Derivatives

Only 4 letters, Google Pagerank of 4 & plenty of back-links.

400 $1500 SOLD


Korean language jobs.

Niche market, established site

729 $500
nursing-jobs-nc.com North Carolina Nursing jobs Pagerank of 2 115 $200 0


* These figures are estimates & subject to monthly fluctuations. Please contact [email protected] if you are interesting in viewing the detailed stats.

** Asking Price & availability of the sites is subject to change as this page is not updated in real time.

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