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Recent Changes


Recent Changes

The following page presents the recent change log since version 2.4.0. You may also go back to the features list page, or the download login page.

Jamit Job Board version 3, version 3.6.12 released Nov 4th 2011.

  • Google Checkout
  • Google Maps
  • XML Importing
  • Themes system
  • Plugin-system (See the plugins page for available plugins)
  • A Credit Advance feature option for Check / Money order or Bank payment module
  • Added the ability to modify live subscriptions and memberships.
  • Automated URL shortening for outgoing email (Some email servers break URLs which are over 80 characters)
  • Added a quota feature, and the ability to limit the number of resume views per months, and ability to quota free postings per month for subscribed users.
  • SEO features, including XML Sitemaps and search engine friendly URLs (Requires Apache HTTP Server with Mod Rewrite installed)
  • Other minor bug fixes & improvements


Jamit Job Board version 2.9.x, version 2.9.10 released 18 Jun 2007.

  • Added a Membership billing system for candidate and employers. This is a major addition to the job board which allows you to charge a signup fee to either candidates or employers or both. Numerous parts of the job board were affected during the development, including an overhaul to Email Template system (by adding 9 new email types), update to the payment modules and refinements to the existing billing system.
  • Added SASL authentication capability to the SMTP email system for improved
    email sending reliability. (Affecting all files in the mail/ directory)
  • Added a fun game in the Admin
  • Added new field types to the form editor
    • Integer: for positive whole numbers
    • Decimal: For any type of numbers
    • Currency: for monetary values with formatting
    • YouTube Video: Ability to embed video clips!
    • URL field: for entering and displaying http links
    • Flixn - for recording videos with a webcam
  • Added a Re-post ad feature in manager.php
  • Added a powerful XML Exporting system. Out-of-the box support for exporting to Google Base, Indeed.com, SimplyHired.com
  • Admins have new options to upgrade, downgrade and 'bump' job posts.
  • Added a mod_rewrite feature for categories, other SEO improvements
  • Added a new field option 'Members Only' - if a field is 'Members Only
    then only logged in users will be able to view it.
  • Added an 'Email Monitor' for scanning your mail box for bounced email
  • Security audit of the code. See here for more details: http://www.jamit.com.au/support/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=48
  • other minor bug fixes & improvements

Jamit Job Board version 2.8.x, version 2.8.8 released 13 Nov 2006 (revision 3).

What's new in version 2.8.x -

  • Decommissioned the HTMLArea and replaced it with FCKeditor for better
    reliability and faster loading time. The new editor can be placed on any form,
    not just limited to the job posting form. Additionally, the new editor is
    configured to insert a new line when Enter is pressed (instead of a new
  • Added a new Date field with a pop-up Calendar for selecting the date
  • Added a 'break long words' option to the Data Cleaning section in Main Config
  • Improved HTML filtering & advanced dealing with HTML in strings.
  • New option in Main Config: Employers must be approved before they can view
    resumes (Y/N)
  • New option in Main Config: Employers must first post a job before they can
    view resumes (Y/N)
  • New option in Main Config: "Indent sub-categories, show on the selection
    list?" - Instead of showing the entire category path, the sub-categories are
    indented to save space on the search form (Y/N)
  • New option in Main Config: 'Resumes Per page'
  • New option in Main Config: 'How many days until expired' option for premium posts
  • New date options in Main Config: Specify the order the date is entered & other options.
  • New option in Main Config: new "Show category counters next to category names?"
  • Fixed a bug with listing expired posts on Employers job manager.
  • A warning is displayed if install.php is not deleted
  • An Option's Code ID can be changed via the Code Editor tool. The
    options in drop-down lists and multiple select lists are ordered by
    Code ID, therefore you can now re-arrange their order by manipulation the
    Code IDs.
  • Removed FONT tags from display_form() function in dynamic_forms.php.
    The font was already defined in main.css
  • Fix to listing expired jobs in the employer's manager
  • Fixed a bug when displaying 'go back to the search results' when
    viewing resumes.
  • number of posts displayed in the employer's manager can be configured
  • Category counters are updated every hour (were not updated until a job was posted)
  • Added RSS feed buttons to the home page (Google, Yahoo, MSN)
  • Added a caching system for improved performance (beta)
  • fixed bugs in bank & check payment modules
  • Significant performance enhancements to the most executed SQL queries
  • Simplified the cron scripts in to 1 script. Added cron emulation,
    and added detailed information about cron in the Admin.
  • Message Of The Day: A new feature for displaying a message when
    a user logs in.
  • Orders: Quick Reports, fixed bug with calculating the date 3 months back
  • Orders: Added Search orders by username or Order ID
  • Bug fixes to the Javascript menu
  • other minor bug fixes & improvements

Jamit Job Board version 2.7.x, version 2.7.3 released 26 May 2006.

What's new in version 2.7.x -

  • Modular Payment System now supports the following payment gateways: PayPal, Authorize.net (SIM), 2Checkout.com, Moneybookers.com, NOCHEX, E-Gold and CCAvenue. Additionally, traditional Bank Deposit and Check / Money Order methods are supported.
  • Complete re-design of the ordering system for advertisers.
  • Added a transaction list in the Admin section

Jamit Job Board version 2.6.1, released 15 Apr 2006. (2.6.x series first released 05 Apr 2006)

What's new in version 2.6.x -

  • Ability to add / remove custom columns to the job list, resume list, employer list, candidate list and profile list. This is a major change which adds more power to the web-based customization feature set.
  • Improved email templates for resume alerts and job alerts, allowing for more powerful customization
  • Security audit of all source code.
  • Numerous other improvements to the existing feature set.

Jamit Job Board version 2.5.0, released 16 Jan 2006.

What's new in version 2.5.x -

  • Efficient sending of outgoing email. Outgoing email is placed on a queue and sent in batches. This allows the job board to send a lot of email with greater reliability. Also, the job board allows you to track each email sent.
  • Improved alerts system (Job Alerts, Resume Alerts)
  • Signup forms can be fully customized from the Admin panel (Resume form, Job Ad form and Profile form were fully customizable from the Admin panel since version 2)
  • Numerous other improvements

Jamit Job Board version 2.4.1, released September 17 2005.

What's new in version 2.4.x -

  • Added a new Skill Matrix field. Candidates can list their skills and provide a rating for each skill. Employers can search specific skills. This field can be added using the visual Forms Editor.
  • Auto-populate posting form fields. Saves time for employers. Administrator can choose which fields to auto-populate.
  • Ability to block some fields on the resume depending on Employer's subscription status. Administrator can choose which fields to block.
  • Better control of Anonymous fields on the candidate's resume.
  • Multiple Currencies - Administrator can configure the script to display prices in any currency they chose. If the displayed currency is different from the checkout currency, the script will automatically convert it.
  • Improved website reports
  • Improved application manager.
  • Resumes can now be placed on an approval queue.
  • Categories can be ordered in a special order, besides alphabetical order
  • Categories can be searched using a drop-down list or a multiple select box as specified by the administrator
  • Users must log in to apply to jobs (option can be turned off in the config)
  • The premium post list can span multiple pages
  • Improved CSS (main.css)
  • Translated to Japanese, Polish and Chinese
  • New default layout
  • Numerous other fixes and cosmetic improvements

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