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If you require a hosting service for the script, it is important to choose a hosting service that supports the requirements. We've found that hosting companies who provide Linux based hosting with CPanel do the job well.

The script is also compatible with Windows servers, however please check if your server satisfies the above requirements before installing on a Windows based server.

It is usually better to choose a VPS or Dedicated hosting rather than shared hosting if you are planning to run the job board on a high traffic website. Although it is OK to choose shared hosting, the advantage of VPS or dedicated is better for both reliability & security.

(We take care to ensure that the script is compatible on as many servers as possible, for example the script can run on a server with 'Globals' turn Off or On, as well as Magic Quotes turned On or Off)

Recommended Hosting Services

The following is a list of hosting companies which we recommend, ranked in the order of excellence. If there is a hosting company that you would like to bring to our attention or recommend, please contact us.

1. MidPhase Hosting Services

We've tested our product with MidPhase and their service is best for entry-level job board hosting. Linux Pro-PHASE Plan is recommended.

Visit MidPhase Hosting Services.
2. AN Hosting Hosting

AN Hosting is proud to be recommended by numerous open source projects including WordPress, Mambo, Sub Dreamer, b2evolution and others. The hosting service is supported by true 24/7 phone support, E-mail and live chat tech support dedicated too keep your site online and smiling! :)

Recommended Plan: The Mega Plan (All inclusive plan with the ability to host 20 sites form one account). This plan is great for entry-level job board hosting.

Visit AN Hosting: ANHosting.com

3. Blue Host

We've tested our product with Blue Host. Their control panel is Cpanel based with many features and we've also created some additional installation instructions for Blue Host.

Visit Blue Host: Web Hosting - $6.95/mo!

4. SingleHop

SingleHop offers managed Dedicated Services. We recommend SingleHop if you need the high performance and flexibility of a dedicated server at good price. (We actually host jamit.com and other domains on one of their high-end servers). Recommended add-ons: CPanel

Visit SingleHop: singlehop.com

3. Host Gator

We've tested our product with Host Gator. They offer some very competitive hosting plans.

Visit Host Gator: Host Gator

4. GoDaddy Hosting

We've tested our product on GoDaddy and their hosting service is popular with many of our customers, although their shared hosting plans may not be as feature packed as the others, hence we give them 4 stars. One thing that will not change for sure - GoDaddy has a great domain registration service!

Recommended: Linux Virtual Dedicated server.

View GoDaddy Hosting plans on this page: GoDaddy.com Hosting Plans


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