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Jamit Job Board - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question Summary:

  • How customizable is the full version of your software?
    Every part of the job board can be customized for your website / location / industry. The full version comes with a powerful Administration Panel, and full source code. We have tried to have everything configurable via the Administration Panel. There is also a Themes system which allows you to 'skin' the job board with your custom look and feel by modifying a few of the template files.
  • Can I edit the PHP pages to give them the look, feel, and layout we need to blend it with our existing site?
    Yes. We have a Themes system which is using templates for things such as the header and footer for a page, and you can easily modify those to blend it into your site.
  • Can I edit the table structures / form fields to add posting specific fields and additional search criteria?
    Yes. Table structures can be edited using the Administration Panel. Search criteria can be specified there as well. We have tried to have everything configurable via the Administration Panel.
  • I need a feature that you do not have. Will you be able to develop this feature for us?
    Jamit Software has teamed up with a number of 'Solution Partners' around the world may help you with some development of your website. See here for more.
  • How does the Job Board generate revenue?
    There are 6 ways you that can make money:

    • Fee for Standard Job Posts
    • Fee for Premium Job posts
    • Subscription fee for Employers (to view the resume database)
    • Membership for Employers
    • Membership for Job Seekers
    • Third-party advertising (Using third party software or a manual approach)

  • How does the Job Board process payments?
    Credit card payments are processed instantly and automatically using PayPal. The job board communicates with the PayPal servers directly using PalPal's IPN (Instant Payment Notification). The job board also supports: Authorize.net (SIM), 2Checkout.com, Moneybookers.com, NOCHEX, E-Gold and CCAvenue. Additionally, traditional Bank Deposit and Check / Money Order methods are supported.
  • Will I be able to easily modify the prices?
    Yes, prices for posting credits and subscriptions can be modified from the Administration Panel.
  • Can I show third party advertising?
    Yes. You can paste in code from third party anywhere into the job board.
  • Does your Job Board let users search jobs without registering?
    Yes. Users can search or browse as soon as they arrive on the front page.
  • I am running a website that is simple to use for the visitors. I would rather have fewer features and maintain simplicity than have a site that can do everything. Will your job board meet our requirements?
    Yes. If there is a feature that you do not need, you can always hide it by modifying the source. That way, if your need more futures in the future, you can unhide it instead of upgrading to a new product. Some things can be disabled from the Admin.
  • Language Translation: Is it possible to have a ___________ (insert language) version of the Job Board?
    Yes. The job board can be translated into any language. Language strings are kept in one single file for each language which makes it easy to translate. We only support English although we have other language files available.
  • How do I order your software?
    You can order online from this website. It will take you to a PayPal payment. After the payment is completed, you will then be able to download the software.
  • Do you have a version that can be integrated with CMS (content-full Management System) such as Juumla?
    Yes, we there is a Joomla login intergration plugin available, please see our plugins page.
  • I am interested in running your software on multiple websites. Is it possible to get a discount?
    Yes. Contact us and tell us how many websites you need, and we can offer you a discount.
  • Our website is non-commercial, non-profit. Is it possible to get a discount?
    Yes. We offer 25% off for non-profit organizations. (Awarded to organizations registered as 501(c)  or similar law applicable to where the organization is registered. To apply for this discount, please contact us for a coupon code.)
  • Can the job board support uploading of Word / PDF files that others can then download?
    Yes. Full support for attachments of any file types is included.
  • Can you please provide me with the link to some sites that are currently using your products?
    Please see the Live Job Boards page. We are proud to be trusted by over 500+ customers who have purchased our product since May 2005.
  • I would like to include some more fields into the Resume form. Will your job board support the new fields? Can I make new fields searchable?
    Yes. New fields can be added, edited or removed using the Administration Panel. This includes for the Job Posting Form and all others.
  • What is RSS? How does it work?
    RSS can help you bring extra traffic to your website. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a technology for automatically publishing your website content-full (such as news headlines) to other websites. RSS is currently becoming popular thanks to the major support from websites such as Yahoo and Google, and users from the bogging culture. The Jamit Job Board RSS feed is generated every time a new job is posted. The feed is an XML file with the list of latest 20 jobs, with a preview of each job's description. Users can then add your RSS feed to any website that supports RSS feeds, such as MyYahoo, a blog such as slashdot.org, or News Aggregator software.

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