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Jamit Job Board - Download

Licence: Mozilla Public License 2.0

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Jamit Job Board 4.0 is under development. More details about a timeline and repository location will follow soon.

System Requirements

  • Web server with at least PHP 5.2 version installed.
  • MySQL database server (version 5)
  • ImageMagick or GD Library support (This is included by most hosting services which support PHP. Used to resize uploaded images)
  • Ability to set up Cron Jobs (Used to schedule the sending of outgoing email, including applications and email alerts. This feature can be emulated by the software if your hosting service does not support it)

Server Test Script

We have prepared a small script that tests your server if it is ready to run the Jamit Job Board. It tests all the functionality, including testing for PHP's ability to make external connections (for PayPal IPN), create / alter tables, send email via SMTP and more.

To run the test, please uncompress the zip archive into a directory on your web server. Create a database, and then run the test.


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