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Schema Id Schema Name Type Action Description
1 Google Base - Jobs Jobs Edit | Configure XML Structure For a full description of the attributes (elements) see: http://www.google.com/base/jobs.html
2 Indeed.com Jobs Edit | Configure XML Structure http://www.indeed.com/jsp/xmlinfo.jsp
3 RSS Jobs Edit | Configure XML Structure http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss
4 SimplyHired.com Jobs Edit | Configure XML Structure Simply Hired can accept incoming job feeds in either xml or delimited formats http://www.simplyhired.com/feed.php#feed_spec

Admin -> XML Schema

Insert a new Element:

Element Name
eg, if you want to export as <salary>$2000</salary> then the element name is: salary
Parent Element
(Use this to build the xml file document tree displayed on the right.)
Optional. eg, if you want to export as <rss version="2.0" ></rss> then the attribute is: rss version="2.0"
Tip: You can use any of the variables that are listed under the 'Static Data' section of this form. eg. %POST_ID%
Is pivot? Yes, make this entity the pivot entity which will be iterated during the xml feed generation. Each feed can only contain 1 pivot entity.
No, not pivot (default)
Is CDATA? Yes, export the data using CDATA notation, eg. <salary><![CDATA[$2000]]></salary>
No, export as XML entities
Is Mandatory? Yes, this element must be always present in the feed. Indicated by a *
Multi-fields Selecting multi-fields will allow you to merge several fields in to 1 exported attribute. Eg. If you have the location details stored in 3 different fields, you can select '3 fields' to have it exported in one 'location' attribute. (This is the case for Google Base)
Static Data
Optional. Instead of specifying a data field to bind, you may have this element contain static hard-coded data, or special variables. Here are the variables for use:
%SITE_NAME% - Name of your site
%SITE_DESCRIPTION% - Site's description
%SITE_CONTACT_EMAIL% - Contact Email
%BASE_HTTP_PATH% - Direct link to your site
%EXPIRE_DATE% - Expiration date of the record
%LINK% - Direct link to the record
%DATE% - Date the record was created / updated (Year-month-date format)
%DATE_RFC% - Date the record was created / updated (RFC 2822 formatted)
%DEFAULT_LANG% - Default language of your site
%RSS_FEED_LOGO% - Link to the RSS logo image
%RSS_LOGO_HEIGHT% - Image Height
%RSS_LOGO_WIDTH% - Image Width
%FEED_DATE% - Date of feed's generation
%RECORD_ID% - ID of the record being exported
%USER_ID% - ID of the user who posted the record
Static Data Options Append to the end
Prepend to the start
Fill (default)
These options are useful if you want to have the Static Data appended/prepended to the exported attributes.
Data Filtering Options
Is Boolean? Yes. Will be exported as 'true' or 'false' depending on if a value was matched
No (default)
Radio-buttons, Checkboxes, Selects Convert codes to their full name, eg US becomes U.S.A.
Export coded fields as their code. (default)
Category Fields Convert category numbers to their full name.
Export as category IDs. (default)
Truncate Truncate to characters. (Enter a number. 0 = do not truncate)
Strip HTML Tags Yes
No (default)

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The XML document tree: