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Feed Id Feed Name Schema Publish IP Allow URL Action
11 Google Base Feed (Example) Google Base - Jobs Public ALL
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10 Indeed Jobs Feed (Example) Indeed.com Public localhost
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6 RSS Feed (Example) RSS Public localhost
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9 Simply Hired Feed (Example) SimplyHired.com Public localhost
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XML Feed Setup

Feed Name
XML Schema Google Base - Jobs - This schema will be used to generate this feed. Please make sure to map your fields to this schema below.
Max Records (How many records to put on the feed at one time, 0 = unlimited)
Publish Mode Should this feed be public or private?
Public (Will also be included in to the Jamit Feed Directory, so that others can subscribe to your feed)
Private (with a secret key: ) and, this feed includes employer's accounts
IP Address Allow
List of addresses seperated by commas. Special values can be ALL and localhost.
Locked - Yes, lock from all user changes.
- No, Allow changes.
Optional: Specify a filter for this feed
Imported posts:
Imported Posts Include posts that have been imported from other sources (via the XML Import tool).
Export Files & Images fiels As a full URL to where they are on my job board (useful for import tool to fetch the file)
As is (the raw data)
Please associate the fields from the Job Posting form to the XML feed.Try to map as many fields as possible, but not all have to be mapped. Any field that is left as '[None]' will not be included in the exported RSS feed.