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Initial Value (Default value for text fields, can be left blank.)
Validation (only required fields are validated)
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Type of check
Error message (The reason for the error. Eg: was not filled in or was invalid for email.)
Is on search form? Sort Order:(1=first)
Template Tag * (a unique identifier for this field)
Height (for textareas or multiple selects)
Is hidden from website? Is hidden from website. Only visibile on the editing form (and to Admins).
Can be anonymous? (Can be anonymous on resumes. If this feature is enabled, users can hide this field and reveal after responding to Employer's request.)
Is blocked? (Can be subjected to blocking. Blocking options are set in Main Config. )
Is Members Only? (Can be subjected to Membership. Membership options are set in Main Config. )
Field Comment (Comment to be displayed next to the field, like the one you are reading now.)
Category (If field is a category, select the initial category) Currently Selected:

Multiple Categories can be selected when searching, with rows showing on the search form. And, the first option selects all.
- This field is reserved by the system, and cannot be deleted. You can however, change the field type / field name, and most other parameters.