Payment Module Description Status  
Bank Wire Transfer - Funds transfer to a bank account. Not Installed
NOCHEX NOCHEX - Credit Card Payments. Accepts British Pounds. Not Installed
PayPal PayPal Secure Credit Card Payment Enabled  
E-gold Internet payments backed by 100% Gold Not Installed
Check / Money Order Mail funds by Check / Money Order. Not Installed Secure Credit Card Payment Not Installed
Authorize.Net Authorize.Net - Secure credit card payments Not Installed
ccAvenue ccAvenue Secure Credit Card Payment Not Installed
2Checkout 2Checkout - Accepts: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Not Installed
PayPal Email address Note: Ensure that IPN is enabled for this PayPal account. Also, ensure that 'Auto Return' and 'Payment Data Transfer' are turned on, located on the Profile -> 'Website Payment Preferences' page in your PayPal account. Do NOT set 'Block Non-encrypted Website Payment' to On, leave it Off
Paypal Identity token
Required for PDT (Payment Data Transfer). You can find the Identity token under Profile -> 'Website Payment Preferences' page in your PayPal account
PayPal Server host Note: If you want to test the paypal IPN functions, you can set the host to PayPal's sand-box server. Set to once your website goes live)
Paypal IPN URL
Paypal Return URL (Employers)
(recommended: Note: This URL should also be entered as the 'Return URL' on the 'Website Payment Preferences in your PayPal account)
Paypal Cancelled Return URL (Employers)
(recommended: )
Paypal Return URL (Candidates)
Paypal Cancelled Return URL (Candidates)
(recommended: )
Paypal Page Style
(Your PayPal account's page style. Defined in your paypal account's options.)
Paypal Currency (PayPal currently accepts 17 currencies, and the local currency amount, if not supported, will be converted during checkout)
Paypal Button Image URL
Paypal Subscription Button Image URL
Auto re-bill (Y/N) Yes - memberships and subscriptions will be automatically re-billed by PayPal
Subscriptions: Manual Approval? No - Access is granted to the Resume DB automatically
Yes - Administrator will need to review and complete each subscription payment by going to Admin->Subscription Orders.
Use cURL (Y/N)
No - Normally this option is best
Yes - If your hosting company blocked fsockopen() and has cURL, then use this option
cURL Proxy URL Leave blank if your server does not need one. Contact your hosting company if you are not sure about which option to use. For GoDaddy it is:

Important Note for PayPal Subscription: If your user purchases a Subscription or monthly Membership, then at the end of the term PayPal will re-bill them automatically and the job board will re-new the subscription automatically. If your customer wants to cancel the automatic re-billing, then they should log in to their PayPal account and cancel it from there. They can do this at any time. Also, if your customer wants to upgrade or downgrade a subscription, they should log in to their PayPal account and cancel the subscription and then wait until it expires on the job board system. After the subscription expires, they can re-order a bigger or smaller plan. It is recommended that you specify these rules in your terms and conditions and/or the edit your order confirmation email templates with these rules, etc.

Note 2: If your customer wants to upgrade / downgrade immediately, then ask them to cancel the subscription via their PayPal account and then go to Subscription Reports and click the question next to the 'Completed' status. There you will see a 'Refund' button where you can immediately terminate their subscription. Your customer would then be able to create a new order from their job board account.

Note 3: In the event of immediate refunds, then you must refund the transaction in your PayPal account and cancel the subscription there. The subscription status on the job board should change automatically.

Note 4: In some cases, the order may fail to re-bill. PayPal will then attempt to re-bill a few times before giving up. If you want paypal to stop the re-attempts, log in to your PayPal account and cancel the subscription manually.

Note 5: In the job board, there are two products which are subject to the PayPal Subscriptions: Subscription to the resume database and Memberships. Although in the PayPal system both of these are considered as subscriptions, the job board uses two different terms to differentiate the products. Also, memberships plans with a one-off fee do not get sent as PayPal subscriptions, but the usual PayPal payments - so a customer is not rebilled for one-off Membership payments.