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Email Monitor

This tool will scan your email box for any bounced (undelivered) emails and it will unsubscribe the email if the email matches a user who is on your job board. For each match, it will delete the bounced email from your mail box, unsubscribe them form the alerts & newsletter, then report the result on this page.

Important - * indicates a mandatory field.

Email Settings

POP3 Server address *
Eg. - usually the same as SMTP server
POP3 Username *
Eg. [email protected] or
POP3 Password *
POP3 Port (Leave blank to default to 110)
Monitor Log Remove entries from log after days (0 = never)
Delete old messages Delete old messages messages after days (0 = never). It is recommened that the inbox is kept small for better performance
Monitor Enabled? Yes - the mailbox will be scanned every time the cron job