Extras: mod_rewrite

Settings: Edit Mod_rewrite settings

This extra configuration feature is for those lucky webmasters who are running this software on an Apache server with the mod_rewrite module enabled. If this feature is enabled, the job board will map some dynamic URLs to appear as if they were static and more meaningful. The theory is that these more meaningful URLs get better search engine rankings. Mod_rewrite can be turned on/off in the Main Config. (Note: Mod_rewrite is a 3rd party application that needs to be installed separately. It is mostly for advanced webmasters, but a lot of information about it can be found on search engines.)

Mod_rewrite Status: On (Change status...)

To configure Apache, please insert the following lines in to your .htaccess file:

(The .htaccess file should be located in your html document root)

mod_rewrite for Categories

Important: Please edit the extra fields for the categories below. To go down the category level, click on the parent category link. Some categories may be marked 'ambiguous filename' - please change the file name to a unique file name to avoid clashes. Title, Description and keywords are limited to 255 characters (anything more may clog the search engines!). Click the save button below to save changes. If Cache is enabled, you will need to refresh your cache by going to Main Config and clicking on Save after saving this form.