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Language Code File Image Active Tool
Chinese CN chinese.php CN [Activate] [Edit] [ Default] Translation / Editing Tool
English EN english.php EN [Deactivate] [Edit] [Delete] [Set Default ] Translation / Editing Tool
Spanish ES spanish.php ES [Activate] [Edit] [Delete] [Set Default ] Translation / Editing Tool
Korean KO korean.php KO [Activate] [Edit] [Delete] [Set Default ] Translation / Editing Tool
Polish PL polish.php PL [Activate] [Edit] [Delete] [Set Default ] Translation / Editing Tool

Note: If you have deactivated a language, but it still comes up, then please clear the cookies in the browser.
Note 2: Jamit Software officially supports the English version. All other language translations are donated by some of our past clients and we do not guarantee their correctness or completeness. If you are using a language other than English, please make sure to use the Translation Tool to edit / proof read the existing language.